Lisu New Year 2019 in Soppong
Lisu New Years Dancing
The Lisu New Years dancing ceremony is when the Lisu girls dress up in their finest, and often where they meet prospective husbands. Eventually, interested boys (in the background here) will join in circle dance with their intended date, and the dance party continues all night long. All visitors (including you) are encouraged to join in! Apart from the amazing headdresses, note the traditional footwear. Lisu New Years begins at the time of Chinese New Year. In 2019, LNY will be celebrated beginning 4 February and continuing on for several days. This photo is from Nong Thong village, about 800 metres from Soppong River Inn.

And above is a video from Nong Tong village and Lisu New Year, with some traditional Lisu dancing.

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